After hosting two Come North conferences in February 2020, it became clear that there is an abundance of work being done to welcome newcomers and diverse groups. But connection, coordination, and communication across Ontario’s northern regions is needed to maximize these efforts.

Adequate resources must be dedicated to carry out the collective goals established at the Come North conferences, which emphasizes the need for the formal Magnetic North initiative and annual Magnetic North conferences to set priorities and update on progress. The priorities for the conference, and thus the initiative, will be set based on changing trends and needs existing within the engaged communities.

About Magnetic North

The purpose of the Magnetic North initiative is to support community coordination in population growth and welcoming community efforts including attraction, retention, and reconciliation. The initiative, via the Magnetic North Program Officer, will implement the immediate action plan produced as part of the Magnetic North and Come North conferences, and provide updates on the status.

The Magnetic North initiative is not intended to replace existing or future local initiatives. The intent is to support local initiatives by helping them connect with, learn from, and work alongside other initiatives seeking the same or similar ends.